The solution that embodies 50+ years of processing expertise
to drive operational efficiencies and cost savings.

ServiceLink delivers the operational expertise and technology enablers to manage premium billing, reconciliation, in-force administration and customer service. Take advantage of ServiceLink to manage operational costs and provide your organization and your clients with more online self-service technology.

Why choose Wipro HealthPlan Services?

Our HIPAA-compliant, customized online portal delivers best-in-class, cutting-edge customer service support.  The ServiceLink Portal provides our Clients with a highly secure, intuitive browser-based CRM interface that incorporates a complete view of all customer interactions, transactions and correspondence for all products.

We combine industry best practices and sophisticated automation to effectively manage all aspects of our clients’ operations, including 

   In-force Administration                                  Customer Service


   Fulfillment                                                        Claims Processing


   Billing                                                               Enrollment Reconciliation


   Premium Accounting                                      Financial Reconciliation