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Government Affairs as a Service​

Our Mission

The Government Affairs’ mission is to emerge as the premier ACA Regulatory and thought leadership hub for Wipro HealthPlan Services, recognizing that both compliance and insightful perspectives are a pivotal factor for our Clients’ success in navigating the ACA market.

The Wipro HealthPlan Services’ Government Affairs’ Team is dedicated to delivering long-term IT and operational cost savings through strategic thought leadership, and advocacy through our government relations. We operate as an early warning system, proactively identifying, influencing, and notifying stakeholders of regulatory rulemaking that may affect the ACA business. Additionally, our team offers essential regulatory interpretation and analysis services tailored to the specific needs of the ASO business.

As a part of our commitment to industry collaboration, Wipro HealthPlan Services holds a membership in both the CMS Alpha Team and Maryland Health Benefits Exchange (MHBE) Plan Management Stakeholder Committee (PMSC). These committees are exclusive to a select group of issuers, and within them, Marketplaces share draft regulations that are open to potential influence by committee members. Our participation is a result of an invitation by CMS, and our membership is annually approved by MHBE.

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>11,000 inputs monitored annually generating ~500 actions & new accountabilities for Wipro HealthPlan Services & its clients