exchanges pic pillow shapeExchangeLink

Connecting to every public and private exchange.

ExchangeLink® is a cutting-edge solution that connects your organization to every public and private health insurance exchanges, aggregating and processing data across multiple platforms and distribution channels.

ExchangeLink, part of the HealthPlan Services Links℠ Solution Suite, provides your organization with an information transfer platform and transaction processing expertise to coordinate business configuration, provide deep transaction processing visibility and effectively manage the transfer of data across all channels.


  • Expedites your organization’s exchange readiness and speed-to-market
  • Eliminates exponential expense of setup on a one-by-one basis with every state
  • Provides a business user view into enrollment and financial transactions along with the ability to manage errors through the ExchangeLink Management Console℠ (EMC)
  • Enables plan management; including cataloging and publishing your organization’s approved Qualified Health Plans using ExchangeLink’s “Configurator Console”

Contact us to learn more about how the HPS ExchangeLink platform can help your organization connect to exchanges.

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