Securing Your Value With “Sticky” Voluntary Sales


Every agent wants clients who keep coming back for more: more guidance, more service, and more solutions. If your book of business is filled with groups who are navigating today’s complex ACA healthcare benefits marketplace—and trying to keep their employees happy—you have more opportunities than ever to “seal the deal” on your indispensible value, time and time again.

So what makes this sticky business for brokers? It’s about providing value.

Valuable Benefits Solutions

Each product you sell to your client is like a tie that binds them to you. Consider the “staying power” of a client who works with you to offer a wide range of product lines to their employees. Building and maintaining a portfolio of products helps ensure you’re always the person they turn to when new needs arise.

And more importantly, employers are benefitting from the rising popularity of ancillary healthcare products because they complement workforce attraction and retention efforts. According to a recent LIMRA report, 71% employers believe that voluntary benefits improve worker morale and satisfaction. That’s because these products—from dental and vision plans to critical illness and medical gap insurance—help round-out employee benefits packages at a time when people need help managing their rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Valuable Education

Clients depend on your expertise to shape their employee benefits strategies. Every time you share insights on how to save costs while meeting the changing needs and preferences of their workforce, your value as a trusted, go-to advisor rises. It’s common sense.

According to a 2013 LIMRA study, 60% of small businesses that don’t offer voluntary benefits to their employees simply don’t know about them. Don’t you wonder where the insurance broker was when they put together their “menu” of benefit offerings? It just goes to show that if you start selling voluntary products to your clients—educating them on their importance and how they attract today’s employees—your experience and know-how will be credited, once again.

Value to the Bottom Line

A key to building loyalty with clients, especially employer groups in today’s marketplace, is making the most of their benefit dollars and saving them money.  Clients are likely to make repeat purchases when you’ve impacted their budgets and shown them new ways to lower spending.

Aside from lowering costs for employers  (since employees typically cover the premium costs), voluntary products are designed to drive down overall medical expenses for the employees. Getting the care they need at a more affordable cost can result in healthier and more productive employees. The impact of these productivity gains can be sizable.

And don’t forget about your bottom line. Voluntary sales are a great door opener, can be sold year-round and will certainly boost your income.

Ready to “Get Stuck” On Selling Voluntary Solutions?

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