HPS-Unum Partnership is a Powerful Ally for Building DI Business

Todd Cowan

Todd Cowan

An important element in a well-rounded benefits packages, Group Disability Insurance (DI) is growing in popularity among agents and brokers seeking to expand their portfolios and strengthen customer loyalty. However, a successful move into the Group DI market requires gaining deep understanding of this unique coverage necessary to properly educate employers and employees about its benefits.

The learning curve is steep, but it can be significantly shortened by partnering with HealthPlan Services℠ (HPS), which has teamed up with Unum to provide agents and brokers with consultative proposal and enrollment support for the entire Unum portfolio, including Group and Voluntary Long- and Short-Term DI and Life.

Unum is the nation’s leading DI provider with an employee benefits track record that runs more than 165 years, while HPS is the largest independent provider of sales, service, and retention and technology solutions to the insurance and managed care industry. It is a powerful duo that enables agents and brokers to quickly ramp up their DI portfolios in response to growing interest in the coverage, in particular among employers seeking to expand benefits packages.

Key to success in DI is the ability to educate employers on all the nuances of DI. This means that agents and brokers—even those already selling in the DI space—need convenient access to ongoing education. The HPS-Unum partnership provides that access, allowing agents to quickly begin providing the kind of consultative service that strengthens loyalty and increases profitability. It arms them with the tools they need to educate and inform employers on the role DI plays in a broader benefits package and the coverage gaps it can fill without adding significantly to costs. Finally, HPS and Unum can assist in communicating the benefits of DI directly to the employees, which leads to a better appreciation for their overall benefits package.

By working with HPS and Unum, agents have access to experts in plan design and pricing. It creates a one-stop shop for everything they need to create an estimate and manage enrollment, comfortable in the knowledge that HPS works with top carriers to provide the right options.

The partnership with Unum is representative of HPS’ focus on providing agents and brokers with best-in-class carriers like Unum enable the delivery of comprehensive employee benefits portfolios. Those portfolios are further enhanced by the HPS broker support team of licensed sales consultants with more than 12 years of experience, as well as internal training programs to ensure sales consultants are well-versed in each product.

In short, HPS and its best-in-class partnerships provide agents and brokers the industry-leading consultative sales support and products they can trust, including DI plans.