g2exhange_imageGo-To-Exchange and the Links Solution Suite 

A multi-connection solution.

Go-To-Exchange® takes advantage of our complete Links℠ Solution Suite to deliver an innovative solution that enables carriers to successfully manage the administrative and technical aspects of state and federal marketplaces. By leveraging proven best practices and advanced web-based technologies, Go-To-Exchange delivers industry-leading capabilities and operational efficiencies that maximize participation in the insurance exchange market.

Go-To-Exchange integrates seamlessly with a wide range of marketplaces and third-party systems, enabling carriers to rapidly and cost-effectively launch and operate in multiple environments.

As part of Go-To-Exchange, the Links Solution Suite is comprised of four parts, each serving critical technical and administrative needs of carriers participating in public and private insurance marketplaces.

  • ExchangeLink® facilitates the technical connections necessary to link carriers to multiple exchanges and e-tail sites without the expense or time delays of building unique interfaces.
  • SalesLink supports customer acquisition through cutting edge technology, precision marketing, customized member messaging as well as increases incremental revenue through effective cross selling.
  • ServiceLink delivers a technology enabled business process expertise to effectively manage all aspects of member administration.
  • LoyaltyLink delivers improved retention through advanced analytics, market analysis and cross selling to provide a full continuum of customer support and relationship management.

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