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Come for a quote. Stay for the service. Our agents often tell us that they first come to HealthPlan Services as a test. One quote. Just to see. The next thing you know, they're hooked. That's thanks to the knowledgeable individuals that make up our dedicated sales and customer support teams. 

 "I am not an agent, but am in customer service. I want to make you aware of just how valuable Roy is to us. He is not only a terrific sales rep for HPS; he fields questions for us and helps solve problems in every area – sales, enrollment, terminations and retention. He never fails to come through, not only for me, but for all our customer service staff members. I know that I shouldn't bother him with things other than sales, but he never makes us feel as though we have bothered him. Every company should have at least one Roy. Your are so lucky to have him."

-Laurie D., National Healthcare Access, Inc.

"Rosemary is our direct contact with HealthPlan Services and we couldn't ask for a better representative. We never have any problems getting in contact with her and it is very evident she truly cares about how she does her job. She is prompt and thorough and is truly an asset to HealthPlan Services and our agency as well." 

-Earl Fisher, Walton Financial Group Allstate Agency 

"I get the best assistance from the LTC Unit at HPS. I've referred colleagues - and even my daughter - to HPS. From product inventory to advice and service. They're the best."

-Stephen Hudspeth, Hudspeth & Walker Employee Benefits

"I have worked with Desiree for the last 4 months and she is the epitome of professionalism. She is responsive to my needs as I service my clients. We are in a service business and it is good to know we have someone like Desiree from HealthPlan Services on our side."

-William Franklin, Personal Financial Representative, Allstate Insurance Agent

“I really appreciate HealthPlan Services ability to understand the needs of my business. For the past several years they have been able to exceed expectations.”

-George Patrick Thornton, Sr., Anderson Thornton Consultants

"I really enjoy working with Rich. He generates quotes for me within 24 hours and knows the LTC products thoroughly. I get regular updates on apps in underwriting so I always know what requirements are outstanding. Rich understands agents and the sales process which makes a highly valuable back-office asset."  

-Ron Hauenstein, Agent

"I made a frantic call to Barb at HPS for a new quote. The quote arrived well before my meeting time and I was able to walk into the meeting, calm, collected, and equipped with a professional presentation. You often talk about the value of FFIG administrative, product knowledge, marketing, training, and sales support. As if all of that wasn't valuable enough, we FFIG agents also have the extended benefits of our partnership with HealthPlan Services. WOW!”  

-Lorrie Dablow, Futurity First Insurance Group (FFIG)

“ I will refer everyone I know. I am very impressed.”  

-Mari Kuhl, Agent

“I really appreciate the educational approach and the guidance.”

-Brooke Riley, Agent

“The service HealthPlan Services provides behind their products makes my job much easier. The manner in which they educate and serve our employees really takes an enormous load off of me.”

-George Patrick Thornton, Jr., Anderson Thornton Consultants

“…professionalism that is built by knowledge, perseverance, and empathy.”  

-Miriam Chang, Agent

“Amy [is a] gem of a person and I am very proud and grateful to be working with her. Her attitude and approach continue to be well above the norm and I am really impressed. I am really glad she’s part of my team – it gives me a great deal of confidence when I face clients on a day-to-day basis.”  

-Bill Sidhu, Personal Financial Representative

“I enjoy working with the employees at HealthPlan Services. They make my open enrollment process with our new and old clients easy. They take the time to educate my people on products and services.”  

-Sarah Anderson, Anderson Thornton Consultants

“Thanks so very much for all of your help. I am so glad I switched to HealthPlan Services as my partner in Long Term Care. Your attention to detail, endless patience, and frequent communications has been an important aid for building my business!”  

-Janice A. Ginsburg, CFP® Vice President / Investments, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC

“Amy is wonderful. I really appreciate her helpfulness, knowledge and great attitude!”  

-Mary E. Gilham, Personal Financial Representative, Allstate Financial Services, LLC

“The several renewals that HealthPlan Services has done for my company have been wonderful. Their professional sales reps make our meetings and our enrollment services very easy and it makes me look great. Our clients finally understand their benefits. HealthPlan Services provides an array of benefit options and they give us choices so we can fill our benefit packets with the best plans for our clients.”  

-Leah Thornton, Anderson Thornton Consultants

“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all your help each and every time we send a quote request. You are quick to respond to all questions we have and even anticipate questions or concerns that might come up."  

-Rosie Galindo-Haught, Allstate, Security Insurance Group

“Barbara! You are a breath of fresh air with the speed and efficiency you have sent all this to me.” 

-Lydia Ellis, Allstate Insurance Agent

“Jackie is one of those people that does such a great job that she deserves to be promoted/advanced, but we almost hope she isn't because we hate to lose her support!”

- Daniel L. Wright, J.D. Moschitto & Associates, Inc.



“The partners that we choose have to have exquisite technology. They have to have people who are willing to work more than 8 to 5 and they have to be willing to be held accountable for producing the kinds of service and outcomes that Humana requires for this group of customers. What we’re trying to do is enable consumers to make choices. HPS believes in that strategy. They believe that people have a right to make choices; that people have a right to exquisite service; that they have a right to talk to people who have knowledge and can fix their problems. We think that with where our company is today and where its headed, partnering with HPS creates really a sustainable competitive advantage for us in this marketplace and we think that’s very, very important.”

-John Moats, Humana

“Loyalty, respect and a strong representation of business needs have been a cornerstone of the Ameritas-HPS relationship for the past 27 years and we expect that will hold true for years to come."

-Kenneth L. VanCleave, President of Ameritas Group, a division of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.