LinksSM Suite of Services

Links to Acquire. Service. Retain

HealthPlan ServicesSM (HPS) offers LinksSM Suite of Services, a complete suite of BPO services designed to address a carrier’s operational needs. From acquisition to service to retention, even exchanges, LinksSM Suite of Services delivers a flexible solution that drives decreasing costs while maximizing revenues, diversifying plan portfolios and opening new sales and distribution channels. Click here for overview

LinksSM Suite of Services can be deployed individual or as a comprehensive solution.

Provides carriers with an information transfer platform to speak to multiple exchanges plus integrates the HIX platform the carriers existing core systems and business processes. Click here to learn more

Supports customer acquisition through precision marketing, enrollment, underwriting, welcome-kit issuance, and commissions as well as increasing incremental revenue through effective cross-selling.  Click here to learn more

Manages members’ accounts, including calculating and billing member contributions, application of premium tax credits, and reconciliation of membership and tax credits across State and Federal agencies. Click here to learn more

Delivers improved retention through analytics, market analysis, cross-selling, and renewal plan options. Click here to learn more

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